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The Society of Missionaries of Africa (formerly called the White Fathers of Africa by the people of North Africa because of the white Arab-style habit) was founded in 1868 by Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, a Frenchman and the then Archbishop of Algiers, Algeria. They work in 22 countries throughout the vast continent of Africa preaching the Good News of the Kingdom, providing relief, and helping the development of women, men and children.

For almost a century and a half our Society has been reaching out to the African people – preaching, teaching, healing and building. However, because changes in some parts of Africa have been slow and difficult, many of the people are still suffering from hunger and lack of education, among other difficulties.

Coming from many parts of the world, there are 1,268 Missionaries of Africa. Many work in Africa, but many have retired in their home countries.

Those of our African sisters and brothers still in need rely heavily upon people like you to show them your kindness and generosity. You can express your good wishes by learning more about the African peoples, by your prayers for them, and by donating to them through the Missionaries of Africa.

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