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Labor Export or Human Trafficking: Tackling the Labor Laws in Uganda

The Africa Faith & Justice Network’s (AFJN) Women Empowerment Project is making impact across Africa, this time in Uganda and in partnership with the Association of Religious in Uganda (ARU). The coalition set out to tackle Human Trafficking with concrete

Burundi and the East African Community

The future of Burundi and its role in the East African Community (EAC) is being questioned in light of Burundi’s recent boycott of the 20th Ordinary Heads of State Summit that had been scheduled for Arusha, Tanzania on 30 November

Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea is a Historic Event

One of 2018’s historic events is the peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea after a long and bloody war. This story explanations in part why Africa still struggling. In fact, the complexity of Africa’s many problems go back to one

Linking Toxic Waste Dumping to Africa’s Land, Water and Seed Struggle

Land Sovereignty for Food Security While Africa’s population is increasing every day, the land has not and will not. Unfortunately, on a continent where an estimated 70-80% of food comes from small farm holders, the threat to take over land,