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Another Tool to save lives and Reduce Economic Hardship Caused by Covid-19

The threat of Coronavirus continues to be underestimated by many Africans in part because the loss of lives initially predicted since March 2020 did not happen. The truth is that questioning the existence of the virus does not make it

Chika Ofili Recognized Mathematician at Age 12

Chika Ofili, son of Ogochukwu Ofili (father) and Nma Ofili (mother) from Nigeria but residing in the United Kingdom is the 2019 recipient of the prestigious TruLittle Hero Award in the leadership category. He was awarded for coming up with

“Talent is universal, opportunity is not”

William Kamkwamba was born in the village of Masitala in the West African country of Malawi. He dropped out of primary school because his family could not afford school fees due to poverty. This did not, however, stop his curiosity

The Regional Expert Committee on Traditional Medicine for Covid-19 announced

The World Health Organization (WHO), the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and the African Union Commission for Social Affairs announced on September 19, 2020 the formation of a Regional Expert Committee on Traditional Medicine for COVID-19. This committee

COVID-19 Response: Senegalese and Keyan Innovations

To stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is everyone’s responsibility. Some of us have taken this responsibility to a much higher level. This is the story of Mr. Mamadou Lanune Kebe, Mr. Pape mamadou Gueye and team from Senegal

Ghanian Shoemaker Invention to Help Stop COVID-19 Spread

Since the global spread of Cornavirus (COVID-19), the search for possible solutions has been a concern of many and has triggered the curiosity and ingenuity of bright minds worldwide and Africa in particular. This is the story of Richard Kwarteng

The History Behind African some Flags

Theodisiah Okoh is the artistic designer behind Ghana’s flag, which is an achievement we should all know. Following Ghana’s liberation from colonial rule, Okoh served as a valuable asset to her country and crafted the design for the Ghanian flag

Africa Faith and Justice Network on Pope’s Statement Defending Sacredness of Life and Condemning Racism

Washington DC –  Wednesday during his General Audience, Pope Francis spoke on the sacredness of every human life in response to protests, rioting, and global unrest following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.  Floyd is only the

Africa’s Future in Youth’s Hands

For Africa to develop, we need to invest in its youth. The talent is there and the question is how do we nurture them. Below are some profiles of talented and capable Africa’s youth.    Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone Kelvin

Africa: Innovation and Experience to Response to COVID-19

Inadequate health infrastructures are one of Africa’s challenges in this extraordinary time. South Africa is believed to have about 1,500 ventilators – breathing machines which are necessary to the care of COVID-19 patients. However, 10 African countries are reported to