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List of Female African Presidents

Who is the first female President in Africa? How many female Presidents has Africa had so far? This is one of many unknown great stories of African women. In fact, the narrative we hear often is negative, portraying African woman’s

A Profile of Ethiopia’s First Female Head of State

Ethiopia recently got its first female president, Sahle-Work Zewde, on October 25, 2018, and she is now Africa’s only female head of state. This is a monumental change for the patriarchal country, and even though the position is mostly ceremonial,

One Year in Office: Ethiopian Prime Minister Sets the Standard for African Leadership

Since becoming Prime Minister of Ethiopia on April 2, 2018, Dr. Abiy Ahmed has made monumental reforms to the country in only his first year in office. Before he became Prime Minister, Ethiopia was on the brink of turmoil, as

The Moving story of Kindness after Cyclone Idai’s devastation in Zimbabwe

The devastating aftermaths of Cyclone Idai which affected Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi caused many individuals, organizations and countries to extend humanitarian and financial support to the people. In the midst of many humanitarian acts of service, one elderly lady’s contribution

U.S. – Africa Relations Hearing

On 26th March 2019, the Africa Faith & Justice Network (AFJN) team  (Pictured with Congresswoman Karen Bass, in blue) attended the congressional hearing titled “Looking Forward: US-Africa Relations” by the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and

Press Release: Violent tensions at Feronia’s oil palm plantations in the DR Congo

This Saturday, 16 March 2019, military forces fired live bullets at villagers from Bolombo and Wamba in the municipality of Mwingi, and from Bokala-wamba, within the Lokutu oil palm plantation concession area of the Canadian company Feronia Inc, in Tshopo