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Bring Solar Energy to Remote Tanzania

Tanzania, a rural country that does whatever they can to survive, is in desperate need of clean energy. They are perfect candidates for solar energy, but cannot do the work to install solar panels and purchase materials without your help.

The solar energy power would allow them to live life more fully, including running facilities and schools to help progress their area. But they need our help to raise donations to get this project off the groun.

Fortunately, something as simple as a donation is a step in the right direction. Read the full appeal and donate today!

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Provide for the Pregnant Women and Children of Malawi

Malawi is an agricultural, landlocked country, scarred by decades of underdevelopment, corruption, and the impact of an HIV Aids problem. It is one of the world’s worst hit countries by this epidemic and home to more than one million children orphaned by the disease.

In Malawi, many women are also delivering their babies at home causing complications, especially when a child is premature. Too many die unnecessarily at birth. At the current facility to help these women, the Sisters face multiple problems. There is no place for women to wait before childbirth. Those the Sisters can house are subject to sleeping on the floor which is cold, damp and smoky. Clearly a new facility is needed immediately.

Fortunately, the groundwork has been done, but we still need your help to complete it.

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Help Give the Citizens of Nigeria Clean Water to Drink

Here in the United States and other western nations, we see people wasting water every day. Sometimes we just don’t realize how precious water is . . . and although there might be a lot of it, whatever amount we have is limited. Our missionaries in Africa, though, and the people they serve, know the value of water all too well. Nearly every day, they see firsthand the struggle of living with too little water. They see people dehydrated, without enough to drink. They see gardens and small farms turn to dust. They know what it is like to want for water.

“Water is scarce here,” Fr. Albert (a missionary living and working in Nigeria) writes. “The scarcity here is so serious that things have gotten to a critical stage.”

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AFRICA, A Natural Treasure

Africa is a land of incredible beauty, natural treasure and unparalleled discovery! Its people - of nearly 60 nations throughout the Continent - are among some of the most diverse cultures and societies in all the world! But in the midst of this land of rich heritage and facsinating beauty - the lives of African people are being torn apart by war, poverty, hunger, disease and oftentimes despair . . .

Our Mission: Preach, Teach, Heal and Build

For more than 130 years, the Missionaries of Africa - a Catholic society of religious men - have been reaching out to men, women and children throughout Africa to preach, teach, heal, and build. Your support will help our missionaries continue their life saving work among those suffering from the tragedy that has gripped the people of this vast continent!

We invite you to learn more about our mission, our immense and ever-growing accomplishments, and the tragic challenges that torment the peoples of this great continent.


  Missionaries of Africa: 1622 21st St, Washington, DC 20009-1089 • (877) 523-4MOA