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September Appeal

Provide Clean Water to Women & Children through Missionaries of Africa

How can children learn if they are hungry? In the village of Karabok in Kenya, East Africa, hunger is precisely the situation for nearly 200 nursery school children, ages 3-7. They all want to learn to receive a good start in life, but they first need to eat. St. Anthony Nursery school was founded 14 years ago, beginning with only a few children attending. By 2012, 50 children were enrolled. In 2013, the enrollment had mushroomed to 150 children. Enrollment is expected to exceed 200 this year! Although this rapid increase in population is good news for the school and its primary mission of education, food deprivation remains the key issue that requires special funding. In a situation like this, feeding people is just as important as educating them. The two needs are inseparable. No food, no education. Let's help to alleviate the children's hunger for food and hunger for learning.

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August Appeal

Provide Food & Better Education to Young Children through Missionaries of Africa

God will fill every need, want, and desire of those who come to him. Water -- just like God’s love -- always has been and always will be critical in the lives of human beings! I guess that explains why the image of water appears in the Bible more than 720 times! As you may know, Nigeria and other parts of the region are suffering from lack of access to clean water. Because of this, the women and children are at risk of water-borne diseases such as gastroenteritis (diarrhea and vomiting), cholera, worm infestation, typhoid fever, and more. While this affects everyone, those who are at the greatest risk of death are infants and the elderly. Too many people are getting sick and being affected by the lack of clean water. We urgently need to find sources of clean water!

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Your support makes the difference to Blessed Damian School
Blessed Damian School

Your support helps build dormitory for 150 students! Young mother feeds her child with help from the Missionaries of Africa


If your child asks for bread--will you give them a stone?

When our Lord Jesus spoke these words, He was offering His followers a message of hope . . . telling them that God the Father will care for them as we human beings care for our own children. Now -- as I write this letter to you -- I am hoping we will care for our children as well as God intended us to. Please read on and I will try to explain.

A few days ago, I received a letter from Fr. Bill Moroney -- one of our Missionary of Africa priests now working in Nairobi, Kenya, in East Africa. . . Read More>>


Men building well in Tanzania

MOA helps drill water wells in Tanzania

Water can be gathered, or as some would say ‘harvested’, from below by digging or drilling boreholes to pump it up. It can also be harvested from above in those places where the groundwater would be too deep or maybe hardly existing.

Mbeya, in the East African country Tanzania is one of the many places where one often collects it from above, by harvesting the rains of the rainy seasons. Read More>>


MOA helps rebuild St. Stephen school in SudanIn Khartoum, MOA Helps Rebuild School

"Dear Father John,

I come to you with the gratitude of the people in St. Stephen Parish for your constant support in our time of need.

In August, after the accidental death of Dr. John Garang, Vice President of the Sudan, sad incidents happened, leading to killings and destruction. Our school in Shigla was burnt ..." Read More>>



AFRICA, A Natural Treasure

Africa is a land of incredible beauty, natural treasure and unparalleled discovery! Its people - of nearly 60 nations throughout the Continent - are among some of the most diverse cultures and societies in all the world! But in the midst of this land of rich heritage and facsinating beauty - the lives of African people are being torn apart by war, poverty, hunger, disease and oftentimes despair . . .

Our Mission: Preach, Teach, Heal and Build

For more than 130 years, the Missionaries of Africa - a Catholic society of religious men - have been reaching out to men, women and children throughout Africa to preach, teach, heal, and build. Your support will help our missionaries continue their life saving work among those suffering from the tragedy that has gripped the people of this vast continent!

We invite you to learn more about our mission, our immense and ever-growing accomplishments, and the tragic challenges that torment the peoples of this great continent.


  Missionaries of Africa: 1622 21st St, Washington, DC 20009-1089 • (877) 523-4MOA